Monday, May 8, 2017

Try Baha'i

Big White's Decal
Big White, our recreational vehicle, is now emblazoned with a decal on her hood that reads Try Baha’i.

Frank and I were inspired to etch the message on our bus after having visited with Mariam of Blairmore, Alberta, an isolated Baha'i. Last year, she relayed a story about her excursion with her husband to the Yukon to share their love of Baha’u’llah. They taped the words Try Baha’i to their van and drove miles and miles along the highway stopping at several towns and cities. They were always questioned about the message. Frank and I are hoping for the same reaction and curiosity.

We chose the paint colours here in Rimbey, Alberta, and Frank prepared the truck to take the letters. We’re happy with the results and hope that our enthusiasm to teach the Cause comes across to the Baha’i friends as a positive display and also hope that human curiosity is ignited.

A few of the pets we're sitting
These days we're homefront pioneers in the Central Alberta cluster and we’re learning about the spirit of the Baha’i friends, the receptivity of the folks in this district and those who are waiting to be touched by the Master’s words. We are all pioneers.