Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sicamous, BC - What You Can't See

On November 2, 2017, we were greeted at the door by the homeowner and introduced to his two cats. Over the years, we had driven past the Municipal District of Sicamous, British Columbia, on our way west to Salmon Arm and beyond, or on our travels east to Revelstoke and away. Today, we stopped and were given the opportunity to explore the area for the next five months. We are professional house and pet sitters.

What you can't see when you travel past and fast along the Trans-Canada Highway, are the goings on and the ambassadors of the town.

Dairy Cow Manure - Pungent!
Our first walk-about began by turning left at the end of the driveway and strolling casually along Sherlock Road. The overwhelming smell wafting around us originated from the manure being spread onto the field in front of the house.

We came upon a trail-head marker. The Parksville Estates Trailhead directs you down a wide path along the back of houses, beside a large treed area where you come upon a park.

It becomes obvious that the practice of burning garbage in the backyard is common in Sicamous.

Parksville Estates Pathway
We carried on through the park, stopped in briefly at the community arena and headed toward the shopping plaza. There we met several Sicamous ambassadors, including the lovely clerks at the Bargain Shop, other patients at the Sicamous Health Centre giving themselves up for blood samples, and the charming owner of the Painted Book Shop. The folks we met on our first excursion were kind and helpful. "Welcome to Sicamous", they said.

Later that day, we drove down to the Riverboat Dock and admired the storage of the resources offered to those who are interested in motoring along Mara Lake.

Riverboat Dock
Returning to town, we stopped at the promenade and enjoyed the serenity of the boardwalk.

Frank standing on the boardwalk

Blessed Is The Spot