Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Scent of Lavender

Courtesy of Oregon Lavender Destinations
Our two-hour one hundred and six mile journey from Eugene, Oregon to the city of Redmond included an impressive display of metal structures in Leaburg, the viewing of a covered bridge in Vida Lea, and a proud display of American flags.

On September 11, 2013, we travelled east along Highway 126. Our open windows allowed the glorious scent of lavender to fill our mobile home.

Although the best viewing of the purple-flowered plant is July its perfume wafts through the air if you take the time to be aware.

Mount Washington
We stopped at McKenzie Bridge and enjoyed a bounty of fruit, fresh-brewed coffee and a sandwich. McKenzie Bridge is an incorporated community within Willamette National Park. The peak of Mount Washington to the north was impressive as was the street after street display of large American flags located further up the road in Redmond.

We spoke with several of the 'Flag City' citizens and learnt that the city displays thousands of flags on every occassion related to the celebration of living in the United States. On this day, the city's citizens commemorated the 9/11 tragedy.

That evening we learnt that not all Walmart stores allow free parking in their lots.We headed east on Highway 97 and spent the night hours at Terrebonne, French for good earth.

Tip No. 3: Make an effort to learn something new on your travels.

Sculptures in Leaburg, Oregon
Covered bridge at Vida Lea

Redmond ~ Flag City

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