Thursday, July 17, 2014

What We Learnt at the MusicFest

Big White At The Gate
 On Wednesday, July 9, my husband and I arrived at the Vancouver Island Music Festival in Courtenay, British Columbia. We parked Big White, our small motor home, in the volunteer campground and strolled over to one of the tents to receive our identification pass and wristband.

We had volunteered for the 1200 hour to 0600 time slot with the Camping Grounds Security crew. I had convinced Frank that the midnight shift was best for me because of my intolerance for the hot sun. We attended a short training session where we learnt our first duty: Observe and Report.

On our first night at Gate 4, located on the north end of the large festival property, we learnt to wear several layers of clothing in order to make it through the peak hours of the morning. There was no campfire to warm us and the frost soaked through our limited cover of clothing searching for skin. The only activity that evening was a person staggering from the gate to his trailer. He whistled and hummed the whole way.

Thursday in those early morning hours was calm at our Gate 1 assignment. One person chose to stagger out of the campground into the pitch black. We suggested that he be careful but never saw him return through the gate on our watch. Throughout the break of dawn, we were serenaded by a group of talented musicians and singers. With tired eyes, the band dispersed and made their way to bed.

On Friday, we tended two entrance ways. We guarded Gate 2 first which give us an opportunity to scan the hologram markings on the MusicFest attendee’s wristband. Some of the folks wrapped the identifier around their ankles which meant they had to lift their leg for Frank to get at the marker. Later that morning, we shared whispered conversations with official security guards at Gate 1.

We slept well during the late part of the morning in Big White and spent many hours that afternoon, evening and for the rest of the time, enjoying the music, people-watching and taking in the various scents wafting our way. We were protected from the sun's scorching rays by the shade tents scattered throughout the property. We learnt that we didn’t have to be in the front row to hear the great sounds emanating from the oversized speakers.

We learnt that we want to volunteer for the MusicFest again next year.

First Night On Security

MusicFest Volunteer Campsite

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