Friday, July 7, 2017

Fireside at Metis Crossing

Frank with Red River Cart

Bison Sculpture Beside Playground
Initiated by our open-minded guide, Leon, at the Metis Crossing site, located near Smoky Lake, Alberta, we held a lengthy Fireside standing in the parking lot of the historical living museum.

Leon commented on our lifestyle and said that he and his wife would love to travel and meet people and talk openly about the good and positive things going on in the world.

We complimented him on his open heart and sensitivity and asked if he was Baha’i.

“I've heard of the Baha'i Faith. Tell me about it,” he said.

For the next while, he listened patiently to our explanation of the Blessed Bab’s purpose and Baha’u’llah’s Station. Our new friend was very receptive and shared with us his search for a spiritual leader and his openness to exploring various religions to find the right one. 

Currently, he’s reading about Buddha.

After a gentle exchange of ideas and philosophies, Frank presented him with a small booklet titled, “Baha’i Teachings for a New Millennium”. Leon held it steadily in his hand and said we would read it. We believe he will.

We shared our experience with the friends in St. Paul and left a slight suggestion with them to connect with Leon on their next visit to Metis Crossing.

Blessed Is The Spot

Susan peeking into Metis house

Unique Metis barn design

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