Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Big White at Waskatenau, Alberta
Waskatenau, pronounced /wəˈsɛtnə/ wə-SET-nə by the Cree indigenous peoples, is located 82 kilometres northeast along Highway 28, from our last house sitting gig in Namao, Alberta.

Big White doesn’t mind the stops and starts one bit. She merrily carries Frank and me along with hauling our Ural motorbike stored on a trailer behind her. She’s very capable and in excellent condition.

Pine Creek Campground Sign
We spotted the Pine Creek Campground sign placed along the roadside of the quiet baseball-themed prairie town. Waskatenau has hosted many baseball championships and is considered the Baseball Capital of Alberta. It’s a small village with approximately 260 residents, all of whom seemed to have been indoors the evening we took a walk around town, with the exception of one fellow standing outside the hotel having a cigarette.

The following day, the kind librarian introduced me to the proper pronunciation of the village and the fact that its main Ukranian-based population more or less dictates the activities including the existence of a Catholic school, a large Ukranian church, and the general friendliness of the villagers.

Bird House and Bat House
We explored the back alleys where we tend to find out about the lifestyles of the locals. One dedicated family set up a bird house and a bat house, both used to help control an obnoxious number of mosquitos and flies. They also left a large tree used by Woodpeckers standing in their yard. To my great pleasure, there was a small patch of wild daisies, my mother’s favourite flower.

Cecile's Favourite Flowers

That evening, we set up our outdoor cooking stove and prepared a sumptuous late dinner. We indulged in turkey sausages wrapped in a heated pita bread, corn on the cob, cooked brown beans and a bowl of raw vegetables. The evening concluded with a storm filled with white lightning, gusting winds, huge thunder claps and a downpour of rain. Once again, Big White provided us with a safe and warm place to be.

Frank Ready To Enjoy Dinner

 Next stop, somewhere along Highway 28 going east.


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