Monday, June 6, 2016

Baron Feels Regal

Barons, Alberta is located on rural road 520 approximately 38 kilometres east of Claresholm.

Barons Alberta welcome sign
You can feel the Mennonite presence when you first approach the welcome sign

The giveaway, if the girls are in the yard nearby, is the distinct attire worn by the folks of this unique religion. The simplicity of the town reflects their modest lifestyle. The community is clean and tidy.

Impressive tree-lined Main Street
Main Street has a dramatic tree-lined boulevard and gives the town a distinct feel. On either side, you will encounter shops and vehicles parked at that popular prairie angle.

Unoccupied shop
View of shops on Main Street
What caught our attention was a newspaper dispenser showing a sign, ‘Little Free Library’. When you open it, you are presented with a variety of books and magazines. Help yourself.

Barons Little Free Library
We sauntered around the town and admired the well-kept yards of the town folk. Later, Frank drove Big White to a campground at the end of a paved roadway. We tucked ourselves in for the evening and listened to leaves rustle in the slight breeze. By ten, that night, the area was pitch black.

Big White at Barons Campgrounds
The next morning, we walked around exploring more of the hamlet. Our timing, however, was not convenient for a visit to the museum.

Barons History Centre
The Barons Consolidated School is a Mennonite alternative school. 

Barons Consolidated School

Famous Fact: The 1978 Superman movie was shot in Barons.

Blessed Is The Spot

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