Monday, June 13, 2016

Milo Has a Library

Welcome to Milo, Alberta
Oh, not just any library, the Bibliotheque in Milo, Alberta is a showpiece for other reading rooms.

Step over the threshold and you are surrounded by books on shelves in every direction. The vaulted ceilings give the place a feeling of grandeur. All the necessary investigation and pleasure categories are here. At the far end of the room is a fireplace and gathered around are a series of comfortable chairs. It gives you the impression you are visiting with the friendly giant.

Comfy reading atmosphere
Susan working on Big White stories
Milo grain elevator
This gentle village is located east on secondary road 542, northeast of Vulcan. 

From a distance, you will see its grain elevator. These historical Canadian landmarks are nearly extinct as the railway tracks are either moved or completely abolished. 

Main Street has a few shops including the Snake Valley Drop-in and the Village Office. The Community Centre is a Quonset hut, a very popular metal structure throughout Alberta and beyond.

Milo Main Street
We shared a large, flavour-filled helping of Chinese food at the local restaurant. They too are very popular in small towns. Take your time, when you are wandering, and stop in a small village so that you may enjoy the folks and the energy they provide for your journey.

Milo Has a Library

Milo is a village where the library is king,
All the folks and children visit the thing,
Books on cowboys, Indians, and crafts,
Records on charts, guides, and maps,
Stop in the spring, summer or fall,
Because the winter of this region can be the worst of all.

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