Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stavely Wants You

Stand on guard for thee
On Friday, May 27, 2016, Frank and I sauntered down the main street of a famous Alberta town. Stavely is located north of Claresholm on Highway 2 and has settled into its 1950s era.

Famous Fact: Mr. Truman Capote chose this prime location for his movie ‘In Cold Blood’.

Stavely’s 500 or so residents want you to move to the community. You might want to consider its many conveniences, including its ‘Banana Belt’ feel.

Stavely Hotel
The folks in the hotel told us that the town was named for Alexander Stavely Hill, Managing Director of the Oxley Ranching Company which was formed in  1882. The interior of this establishment seems only slightly modified from its foundation.

The town office also operates as the local bank. The teller acts like a local guide and the more in-depth questions get the attention of the young man in the adjoining office. Together, they are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their town.
Stavely Town Office

At the top of Main Street stands a large sentinel. The working grain elevator seems to be positioned guard over the territory.
Western theme throughout the town

Many of the buildings are original and great care is taken to renovate them while others are false fronts. It presents an eclectic blend of western and 50s era.

Stavely is a rodeo town. It plays host to a number of events starting with its first indoor rodeo held in 1929. This 3-day annual professional event is held in May. 

Thors Roofing Company facade
You inhale the scent of cattle, horse and leather the moment you step onto the street. 

Frank enjoys the park gazebo
The dust is swept into your lungs and clings to your face. The sounds of mooing cows and neighing steeds can be heard among the chatter of the ground hogs and excited chirping of the local birds. 

Andy's Saddlery
Ah, Stavely. Small town - big ideas.

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