Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Meet the Champs of Champion

Champion Pioneer Over 50 Club
The senior citizens at the Champion Pioneer Senior Club qualify as champs of this noteworthy town. 

No matter your age, go ahead and pull up to this centre and walk in. On this day, we are welcomed by Miss Dorothy and her friend Dorothy.

When we enter the facility, these two fine ladies stand up to welcome Frank and me. We gladly accept their extended hand for a friendly shake. It feels amazingly familiar.

In very short order, we are asked if we prefer tea or coffee.

I reach for the cups.

“No, no, dear. You sit. You’re a guest. We’ll get it,” Dorothy1 says.

Soon, more folks wander into the facility – one as friendly and familiar as the other. There is a tray of muffins and cookies on the large round table where we are seated. We're asked to take two “they're small”. At the end of our stay, our donation is recognised and accepted.

At 11:30 p.m., the cluster of folks begin tidying up the large room and Frank and I chip in – all the while chatting and laughing.

Champion Funny Face
Champion's Pioneer Garden
Champion Folks
We walk around the town soaking up the positive energy and some very eclectic items along Main Street. The Pioneer Patio is a display of plants and an antique washing machine. The silhouettes of two town folk sitting in chairs add to the charm.

A local artist has created a series of murals. Take your time and you’ll see the theme of birds throughout the downtown area.

Champion murals by local artist
A most spectacular display of metal sheet work shows off at the Champion Legacy Corner

Metal sculpture of 1913 school
Champion Legacy Corner
That artist has left the town, but the locals take great care of this display. The day we were there, volunteers were planting flowers. The winning vigour of this town was touchable.

Champion is a village in southern Alberta, Canada within Vulcan County. It is located on Highway 23, approximately 74 kilometres north of Lethbridge and 147 kilometres south of Calgary, Alberta

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